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About Macquarie Institute HeartMath services
Macquarie Institute is a learning, training, coaching and enabling organisation dedicated to raising the quality of life through teaching and disseminating innovative approaches, skills and methodologies to help people in their daily lives.

The organisation has come from the work of many individuals -- visionaries in their fields who have in the past and up to today believed that a learning organisation should be able to make a difference and focus on what is most vital to people.

Founded in 1989 and incorporated in 1996 Macquarie is today one of the leaders in the study and provision of innovation and innovative approaches in the region.

About HeartMath in Australia New Zealand and the Pacific
As the founders of HeartMath in Australia the Macquarie Institute launched the HeartMath System in the year 2000 to audiences around Australia numbering in the thousands. Since then we have been nurturing and assisting this valuable set of insights, techniques and technologies collectively known as the HeartMath system to be made accessible to individuals, professionals and organizations across the Asia Pacific region. In the first year and the years following we trained and accredited thousands of people and bringing HeartMath into organizations, schools, hospitals and associations of many types.

HeartMath has collectively reached and touched the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world in the first decade of the 21st century. More than ever today HeartMath and the emWave technology has an important role to play to help balance, enrich and empower the experience of people and their lives. The vision of the HeartMath founders of balanced heart-centric people and leaders living heart-based lives resonates with so many people today and is still at the core of Macquarie's mission also. Today we communicate with and support a network of coaches, trainers and representatives across the region who help represent Macquarie's and HeartMath's mission to educate about the HeartMath Experience, the HeartMath Techniques supporting balanced heart-based living that is realizable for everyone.

HeartMath service in Australia & New Zealand
Level 7, 6 Help St, Chatswood, Sydney, NSW, Australia 2067
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Ordering HeartMath Products
To order HeartMath products give us a call or order online at the Macquarie Institute HeartMath Store.

To find out about our Product Reseller Opportunity, give us a call or send an e-mail to:

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For emWave® Customer Service or Technical Support, call (02) 9412 2500

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