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emWave® for Health Professionals

Using emWave® Technology with your Clients
Today's health professional needs a variety of stress management methods for helping clients reduce stress, create emotional balance and improve overall health. Many are using the emWave Personal Stress Reliever to help their clients take an active role in stress management and dealing with emotions associated with stress to improve health and wellness.

  • develops real-time stress solutions
  • promotes emotional self-regulation
  • encourages a positive outlook
  • has a high compliance rate
  • combines well with other therapies

New emWave2

Enhance Client Compliance by Tracking their Progress

emWave2 is a portable interactive stress relief system that fits in the palm of the hand. The emWave2 reads the heart rhythms through its finger or ear sensor and gives immediate feedback through the changing color lights and sounds. The emWave2 also allows clients the added benefit of uploading recorded sessions into their computer, tracking their progress and playing some of the interactive games designed to help build coherence.

You as a practitioner will now be able to review client's progress in between office visits and track how they are doing by uploading their emWave2 sessions to your emWave Pro computer. Clients are now more likely to comply with the practice regimen that you have agreed upon as they will know you will be monitoring. +Learn More

emWave Pro

Use emWave Pro during office visits with clients. Clients can see their heart rhythm patterns in real time on the computer screen and see the changes in their heart rhythm patterns when they apply the Quick Coherence® technique. The emWave Pro has been designed to help people prevent, manage and reverse the effects of too much stress.

By correlating the patterns on the screen with a calm internal feeling, clients can learn to find and maintain physiological coherence. They learn self-control of emotions, which helps reduce the physiological and psychological symptoms of stress. The goal is to increase the amount of coherence they are able to sustain in each session and to keep track of their progress.

You can now upload client's emWave2 (handheld unit) sessions into the emWave Pro and it enables you as a practitioner to save multiple clients and their sessions. The emWave Pro also prints charts for your records and theirs. +Learn More

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